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Vehicle routing

Modern logistic systems are more and more put under stress by increasing demand on transport and mobility. The human decision maker cannot face the dimension of problems which grow in a combinatorial fashion. AntOptima algorithms can provide an answer using optimization methods based on Ant Colony Optimization.


AntRoute is a software for large scale dynamic optimization of vehicle routes and fleets. It is the result of the joint work between AntOptima, a Swiss company specialized in innovative and high-performance optimization algorithms, and a group of international distribution companies, leaders in their market.

AntRoute (PDF 741Kb)


AntNgage is a forthcoming AntOptima product. Keep an eye on this space.

AntNgage (PDF 680Kb)

Tour Planner

Tour Planner is a software tool for the dynamic optimisation of vehicle routes and logistic flows, especially designed for the needs of SMEs.

Tour Planner (PDF 1,16Mb)


OptiMilk is the software application for the management and optimization of milk distribution. OptiMilk, thanks to an integrated approach to the various sides of the problem, allows to: optimize the use of the vehicle fleet; improve the milk supply process from the local breeders; forecast the customers' consumption and reduce the distribution costs; improve the efficiency (less miles, less time, more deliveries); increase customer satisfaction, thanks to real time management of urgent deliveries.

OptiMilk (PDF 953Kb)


DyvOil is the software application for the management and optimization of heating oil distribution. DyvOil handles the distribution logistics thanks to an integrated approach to the various sides of the problem, optimizing the vehicle fleet usage, forecasting customer consumption, improving the distribution efficiency. All of this leads to a sensible reduction in the costs and a noticeable improvement in the customers? satisfaction, since they are served more timely and more efficiently. DyvOil employs the innovative algorithms inspired by Ant Colonies, developed by Istituto Dalle Molle di Studi sull'Intelligenza Artificiale within the framework of a project sponsored by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation. These algorithms learn from experience and can adapt to unforeseen situations. They can solve in just a few minutes problems that are otherwise intractable with traditional methods.

DyvOil (PDF 1Mb)


The management and optimization of urban distribution of goods is a complex task. The major problem is that most dedicated management systems do not take into account commercial traffic information in their models and this can lead to gross errors in estimating travel times on road segments, due to the lack of knowledge of possible congestions in front of delivery points by a number of concurrent delivery operations. The recent European Project MOSCA (2001-2004): "Decision Support System For Integrated Door-To-Door Delivery: Planning and Control in Logistic Chains" aimed at improving the management of urban traffic providing assets to both commercial transport operators and to city traffic managers. The former will be able to access state-of-the-art vehicle routing algorithms which make use of privileged traffic information provided by the city administration. The latter will use the information on planned deliveries to mitigate the effects and smooth the traffic flow, reducing both the economical and the environmental impact. OptiPark is inspired by the same design principles emerged in MOSCA. The idea is to provide efficient solution to the urban transport operators by sharing information about the distribution process between the different involved actors. OptiPark is a multi-user web-based application that allows both manual and automated scheduling of parking bays in the centre of the city. The Application includes a users/bays/depots administration.

OptiPark (PDF 566Kb)


Nell'ambito della raccolta di rifiuti, AntOptima fornisce OptiCollect, un sistema innovativo per l’ottimizzazione della raccolta di rifiuti ingombranti in ambito urbano. OptiCollect consiste in sei moduli principali: gestione cartografia; gestione ordini; gestione mezzi; ottimizzazione on-line; ottimizzazione off-line; statistiche di sistema.

OptiCollect (PDF 1.38Mb)

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