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Often production processes are the bottleneck in logistic chains. We offer a variety of advanced scheduling tools to remove bottlenecks and streamline your production schedule. The advantage we offer over our competitors is the extreme speed of our scheduling algorithms, which are able to compute a near optimal solution in a few minutes of computation time on an average desktop computer. This allows our algorithms to be used both as optimizers of the production process and as decision support tools in the streamlinging of overall production process. AntPlan is our reply to the call for improved scheduling tools.


AntPlan is a new generation software tool for real time planning and simulation of industrial production. All production stages can be optimised, monitored and controlled, and simulated in order to rapidly increase its performance. It can be either used as an automated planner, fully integrated in the production process, or as a support tool to assist decision making at the management level. AntPlan can optimize production thanks to an advanced scheduling algorithm, which can also handle unexpected events (new orders, unprogrammed maintenance, breakdowns) within a few seconds of computation. AntPlan offers a wide array of visualisation options, including Gantt charts. AntPlan can also simulate alternative production scenarios, in order to define plans that are efficient and robust.

AntPlan (PDF 1,7Mb)

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